Huffington Post Popular News: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Explains Doppelgangers, Suffers From Amnesia (VIDEO)

Things just keep getting more complicated on “The Vampire Diaires.” First Stefan wasn’t Stefan because he was really Silas. In fact, Stefan learned that he is a doppelganger for Silas. Then, Stefan managed to escape from his watery grave, but he wound up captured by a vengeful witch.

At least in that scene we got a ton of information and backstory. We learned that Silas was the original doppelganger that gave us Stefan, while his lover Imara was the original doppelganger that begat both Katherine and Elena. And it’s all because this crazy witch created an immortality elixir, thinking it was for her and Silas. When he drank it with his true love, Imara, nature “fixed” it by creating these doppelgangers that could die. A little wonky, but it fits. Oh, and these doppelgangers are fated to meet and fall in love, which isn’t good news for Damon.

By the end of the hour, though, Damon and Elena had managed to rescue Stefan and get him back home, but he awoke with yet another wrinkle. He has no idea who they are.

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