PowerSteering Review – Project and Portfolio Management in the Cloud

Project and portfolio management (PPM) is gaining increasing attention in the business world, with many businesses having been forced to learn to juggle multiple projects/programs at once. Coordinating and optimizing resources can be tricky…and, over time, can make or break an organization. PowerSteering’s main goal is to simplify PPM software, using a cloud-based interface and a subscription pricing model in order to make it a plausible solution for businesses of all sizes. This PowerSteering review looks at the app’s features as they relate to portfolio management and project tracking and planning, as well as PowerSteering’s other benefits.

PowerSteering Review – About the Company

Utilizing the power of cloud technology, PowerSteering brings a flexible, cost-effective PPM solution to businesses, allowing them to easily manage a large number of projects without spending hours tracking each aspect of each individual project. Since 1998, PowerSteering has provided solutions that are employed by some of the biggest companies in the world. In recent years, PowerSteering’s PPM solution has been recognized by Gartner as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Cloud-based PPM.

Main Functionality of PowerSteering

Within an organization, there are often multiple portfolios, programs and projects that are managed by different departments, creating a challenge for the management staff tasked with keeping up with all of it. PowerSteering can manage all of these in one place, allowing for reporting, tracking and better resource allocation.

Benefits of Using PowerSteering

What sets PowerSteering apart from other PPM solutions is its ability to provide both bottom-up and top-down PPM capabilities in an organization. This top-down system provides visibility to decision-makers in an organization without requiring granular project data entry. This increased visibility helps top staff better allocate resources by prioritizing projects in order to make sure the most important items are given the attention they need.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

The app’s dashboard provides an overview of the status of each task under a master project.

PowerSteering Review – Project and Portfolio Management in the Cloud image powersteering zpsc46cb205


The same page also gives users an overview of project manager, team member, and analyst availability.

PowerSteering Review – Project and Portfolio Management in the Cloud image powersteering2 zps85aaf17a

Visual Portal

The inbox is available from any screen within PowerSteering, giving team members an overview of their own recent assignments, in addition to any communications from within the app.

PowerSteering Review – Project and Portfolio Management in the Cloud image powersteering6 zps1485db26


To create a project, simply click on “Create a Project” in the top right corner of the main page. You’ll be able to name your project and enter descriptions of that project for team members to view.

PowerSteering Review – Project and Portfolio Management in the Cloud image powersteering3 zps6d36f4a1

Create project

Team members can also submit a request for a new project.

PowerSteering Review – Project and Portfolio Management in the Cloud image powersteering4 zpse39d4fe1

Submit project

Management can also run reports on projects in a format they choose.

PowerSteering Review – Project and Portfolio Management in the Cloud image powersteering5 zps8909ff23


Support Information

Support is available through an online help ticket and a knowledge center.

Pricing Information

PowerSteering offers a subscription-based pricing model tailored to each individual customer.

PowerSteering Review – The Bottom Line

PowerSteering provides a central location for businesses to view and manage projects. Because all projects are available through one single portal, executives can keep track of them without having to monitor multiple systems or have meetings with each project team.

Ratings: ease of use 3/5, features 4/5, value 4/5

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