Three Reasons Why Mobile Ads Will Rule in 2015 Andy Donovan

Three Reasons Why Mobile Ads Will Rule in 2015 image Important Facts You Need to Know about Mobile Advertising 300x176 Certainly, mobile advertising has become of the hottest segments recently, and is continuously expanding these days. Does this expansion allow predicting the flourishing future of mobile ads? Well, according to the world’s experts, it actually does.

Mobile Investment Boom Leads to Mobile Ad Development

The global mobile market has shown incredible growth within the past years, and it is likely to develop further. According to the latest research, the amount of mobile investment has increased by about 267% in Q2 2014, if compared to Q2, 2013 results and the experts’ expectations for 2015 are more, than optimistic.

In addition, the volume of M&As on mobile, even excluding the recent purchase of WhatsApp, has exceeded $28,5B, which leaves no doubt that there’s a wide range of mobile monetization opportunities for businesses versatile industry niches. Consequently, mobile advertising is getting even more popular among companies as one of the most promising and potentially effective segments in the field.

App development fuels in-app advertising market

Even though the correlation between mobile web and applications in terms of potential ad profit hasn’t changed lately, most research results reveal the revenue of mobile app companies will have increased up to almost $70B by 2017. This actually shows higher businesses expectations in app usage, and opens many more opportunities for in-app advertisers. Here, even though iOS apps are still more beneficial in terms of advertising, Android applications are winning in terms of downloads, so they shouldn’t be left out of the loop either.

Furthermore, the fast growth of Apps as a Service niche potentially enables using a vast array of brand-new advertising options. These may include complex ad campaigns on mobile web and in applications with a unified ad concept in a core, realized differently via versatile channels.

New measurement technologies improve mobile ad efficiency

Undoubtedly, the evolution of measurement functionality within the past few years has definitely enabled mobile advertisers to improve their campaign efficiency. It has also become easier and less time-consuming for ad operations managers to cope with ad optimization tasks.

According to Artur Rakytskyy, CTO of Epom ad company, the development of ad measurement functionality will only continue in the upcoming years. “The more businesses are eager to invest large sums of mobile in mobile advertising, the more demanding they become, regarding their ad efficiency rates and ROI. Therefore, the launch of new measurement features will not take much time,” he explained.

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