Sony MHC-V7D With Party Lights Rocks Out At CES 2015 James Kosur


The Sony MHC-V7D with Party Light at CES 2015 is the type of fun technology I strive to find every year at the annual tech conference.

The speaker system, which can be attached in series via audio cables, can fully connect to a users smartphone, allowing them to control their music, while acting like a house DJ. Want to add your own sick drum beat or scratches to a track? That’s no problem with a touchscreen enabled smartphone. Need a flanger or Isolator? That’s also available for your DJ desires.



The Sony MHC-V7D Party Light lives up to its name. As you rock out to your favorite tracks, vibrant lights shoot out from the top of the speaker system and from the front side of the unit.


Sony rep Tim Lee scratched a few beats in the company’s isolated party room and his music blended well into the track which was also playing from his smartphone. He also demonstrated how music can be stopped and played by waving your hand over the top of the speaker system.

With a name like “Party Light” it only makes sense that the device would also feature a karaoke setup for your next gathering. The speaker system features two audio inputs and a video output that turns the system into a competent karaoke machine.


One speaker by itself sounds good, but a series of speakers really brought a party vibe to the room and the flashing lights from all four speakers really gave a dance flavor to the speakers.

If you are looking for a fun, interactive, and unique speaker or set of speakers for your party room, definitely check out the Sony MHC-V7D With Party Lights.

Be sure to check our our Live CES 2015 Coverage HERE. 

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