Best Websites for Downloading Google Slides Templates| By |Farshad Iqbal

There was a time when uploading a PowerPoint file to Google Drive resulted in a messed up slide deck. It wasn’t until Google overhauled its web apps and introduced Google Slides that making presentations from the cloud became more robust, at least for users looking for a free web app.

When it comes to choosing between Microsoft’s web based edition of PowerPoint (PowerPoint Online) or the competitor, Google Slides, what separates the two is the availability of templates. Not only does PowerPoint Online have an ample number of good templates at but you can also choose from a plethora of sources for downloading templates by third-party developers. Recently, the development for Google Slides Templates has also picked up and apart from the default templates offered by Google, you can now download some amazing themes from third-party developers. We have created a list of some of the best websites for downloading Google Slides Templates to help you make the most out of your Google Slides presentations.

Best websites for downloading Google slides templates

Free Google Slides Templates

Yes, Free Google Slides Templates is pretty much the title of a website which offers exactly what its name implies, i.e. free templates for Google Slides. The good thing about this website is that not only does it offer some very vibrant slide designs but each product page gives you a preview of all slides in the form of an embedded slide show. This can save you a lot of time to preview slides from a template to see if it’s the kind of template you are looking for.

There is a button at the bottom of each product page which directly opens a ‘View Only’ copy of the slide deck, which you can copy to reuse the template for your presentation. The presentation templates on this website aren’t all that generic and give several sample layouts for each template, which makes them quite handy for making comprehensive presentations with the aid of multiple readymade sample layouts.

Free Google slides templates

Graphic River

Even if you’re not someone who pays for templates, the chances are you have been to Graphic River or one of its sister sites at some point in time, when searching for templates. Graphic River is one of the most famous websites for downloading all kinds of templates and web based content, ranging from presentation templates to logo templates, website templates, add-ons and the like.

Graphic River also has a Google Slides templates gallery with various premium themes that can make your content stand out from the crowd. There are a plethora of developers offering templates and you can go through the previews to find the best template that suits your requirements.

Graphic river Google slides templates


Originally a PowerPoint Templates’ provider, SlideModel is a website which gives some amazing templates which are fortunately Google Slides compatible. There is even an option for various templates to open them in Google Slides directly, taking out the hassle of uploading templates manually.

The best thing about SlideModel is that its templates come with editable slide objects, which ensures that you can fully customize a template by separating or editing individual slide elements. For example, if you were to download a template with the United States map, you would be able to drag out each state to edit it separately. You can resize, recolor and readjust each object according to need. Bringing such high quality templates to Google Slides certainly makes SlideModel a worthy mention, considering the developer has been working specifically to also cater for Google Slides users.

SlideModels Google slides templates

PPT Template

PPT Template is another website where you are given the utility to not only download slide decks as PowerPoint files but also to import and convert them easily to Google Slides. Moreover, unlike Graphic River or SlideModel, the templates are free to use. PPT Template has a nice collection of high-quality slide decks which are perfect for high definition screens. This is despite the fact that the templates are available for free. While the layouts at PPT Template are quite generic, with a need for heavy customization; the slide backgrounds are quite attractive. If you are someone who likes using generic templates with impressive slide backgrounds to fashion a slide deck from scratch, you might find PPT Template quite a good resource to fetch templates.

PPT templates Google slides templates

Macfadden’s Templates

Macfadden is a website by Mike Macfadden, who is a high school teacher who teaches Digital Graphic Design. Turns out Mike really got frustrated with the lackluster Google Slides Templates and decided to make something useful himself. While Macfadden offers only single slide templates, one has to admit that the designs are really quite impressive and professionally made. Furthermore, the templates are available for free so it can’t hurt to put in some effort when you already have a free template with a premium looking design.

When you choose a template from the preview image, you are given the option to instantly create a copy in Google Slides, providing you with a standalone version of the template. Needless to say, you can duplicate the standalone slides to create your own presentation decks.

Macfadden Google slides templates

It is likely that in our quest for finding the best Google Slides templates’ providers we might have missed out on a diamond in the rough. Feel free to share your list of the best Google Slides providers by leaving a comment below.

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