Dungeon Crawling Board Game Massive Darkness Receives Over $2 Million In Pledges On Kickstarter| By |Erica Abbott



Ever wanted to face the forces of the Darkness? Embark on epic quests? Well, Massive Darkness, a dungeon crawling board game allows you to do just that.

The game allows for one to six players, has no game master and its rules aren’t set in stone. The heroes of the game must stop the Darkness before it engulfs the entire land. The heroes include an elf ranger, a barbarian, a dwarf berserker, a wizard, a rogue and a paladin.

The Kickstarter campaign by CoolMiniOrNot, which is open until July 7, has garnered over $2 million. Their original pledge goal was $200,000.

Within the game, these heroes have special skills that can aid them in their quest as they traverse the dangers of the darkness. Throughout their journey, if they explore a dungeon or kill an enemy, they will be granted items that will help move them along through the remainder of the game.

The enemies of the game include orcs, goblins and dwarves, who try to cut the hero’s journey short. The enemies’ attacks can range from Melee to Ranged and even Magic. The enemies themselves are even categorized into Agents, Bosses, Minions and enormous Roaming Monsters, requiring the hero to strategically take down one level before defeating the leader, which oftentimes requires teamwork or maybe just hiding.

The combat of the game is determined based on Attack and Defense dice, which tells the player the result with just a single roll. The characters’ skill sets are determined by the class the player chooses at the beginning of the game (represented by a Class Sheet) and skills can be acquired as they go along, offering the feature of skill progression.

Classes include Shadow Barbarian, Bloodmoon Nightrunner, Pit Fighter Berserker, Nightshade Ranger, Paladin of Fury or Battle Wizard. If a hero defeats an enemy, they may purchase additional skills. This will help them ultimately advance throughout the game and maybe even help deliver the “Signature” move.



Strategically, the game offers tiles that denote light and dark zones, which players can use to their advantage to overcome enemies. One such possibility is entering Shadow Mode, which allows the hero to move around unseen and unattacked by enemies. This can lead to a surprise attack or calculated placement by the hero to get the enemy right where they want them.

The Kickstarter campaign has been listed by Kickstarter as a “Project We Love” and has more than 14,000 backers. The expected delivery date of the board game is April 2017.

Do you have what it takes to defeat the Darkness? Would you try Massive Darkness?

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