How to Justify Your Mobile Marketing Budget Growth for 2017| By |Andrew Sheridan

It’s that time of year again when marketing leaders fight tooth and nail for every dollar of their 2017 budget. The main battle will be over mobile budgets and according to forecasts by Zenith Media, 2017 will be the year mobile Internet advertising will outpace desktop and reach $99.3 billion globally. To stay competitive next year, your brand must have a strong mobile presence and the first step is securing your mobile marketing budget.

Here’s what marketers need to know to prove the effectiveness of their mobile efforts and justify their 2017 mobile marketing budget.

Digital Channels Are Now Mobile Channels

Digital media consumption has shifted heavily toward mobile: consumers spend 65% of their time with digital media on mobile devices. So it makes sense that desktop media consumption time has dropped by 12% since 2013, now accounting for only 35% of time spent with digital media. Despite the tremendous growth in mobile usage in recent years, marketing dollars have been slow to catch up.

The Mobile Conversions You’re Missing

Expanding your mobile marketing budget requires evidence of its value and the effectiveness of your mobile channels. However, mobile marketing performance cannot be measured the same way as desktop. Mobile has another conversion path that many marketers should account for: call conversions.

Calls to US businesses from mobile marketing are set to reach 162 billion by 2019. These calls are conversions that many marketers struggle to attribute to their mobile marketing efforts. They have a strong grasp on digital attribution, but when the conversion is taken offline they lose all visibility. Without the ability to capture call conversions and attribute them back to your mobile marketing, you may be missing 49% of your conversions. These are conversions you can’t afford to miss when calculating your mobile ROI.

Determine the True ROI of Mobile Marketing

Call attribution technology helps marketers capture these mobile conversions and attribute the resulting revenue. With your mobile campaigns receiving credit for both call-driven revenue and online revenue, your ROI calculations will accurately reflect the impact of mobile. Without call attribution to complement your web attribution, your mobile ROI will be misrepresented and chances of getting your desired mobile budget will be severely diminished.

To learn more about the benefits of call attribution for mobile marketing, download our white paper, The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Call Attribution.

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