Solemates Founders Say Be Clear In Your Message When Pitching On Shark Tank| By |Shawn Rice



Monica Ferguson and Becca Brown appeared on Shark Tank and came away with a deal from Robert Herjavec for their company, Solemates. Check out the full analysis of the episode here.

Solemates prevents high heel shoes from getting ruined. The High Heelers caps protect the heels from sinking into the grass and avert a super awkward situation. According to their website, their Solemates High Heelers have been worn by Demi Lovato during her World Series national anthem performance, Lauren Conrad during her wedding, Carrie Underwood while on tour and Viola Davis while on the “How to Get Away with Murder” set.

The various products work to make your heels more functional and comfortable, ranging from the classic High Heeler, which costs $12, to the Blister Blocker and Bridal Rescue Set. According to their website, the idea for Solemates was simple: they just hated ruining their shoes.

The founders spoke to Business2Community about their experience on Shark Tank.

On the excitement of being on Shark Tank:

“It was really exciting to present Solemates on Shark Tank. As fans of the show for many years, it was the culmination to finally be on set, pitching to the Sharks themselves.

We were not really nervous in the tank, but we were excited for the experience. We had never done anything like it so we viewed it as a fun adventure. The Shark Tank producers and the crew on set did an amazing job too. We asked the art department to create a grass plot so that we could have the Sharks try out the product; they did an incredible job and what they created was absolutely beautiful! We knew we were completely prepared; we knew our business inside and out. What we were not prepared for the level of chaos that met us upon the start of the Q&A, but I think we acclimated decently.”

On an entrepreneur not changing their strategy:

“I don’t think an entrepreneur has to change his / her strategy, but rather be prepared for anything. Entrepreneurs are usually very passionate about their products / companies, which is great. But in the Tank, you have to make sure that passion doesn’t become an overwhelming case of nerves. You need to keep your composure and stay calm, because the Sharks will try to rattle you. Know your business inside and out, numbers, supply chain, partnerships, growth strategy, retail targets, etc. But also, have a plan for what YOU want to convey to the Sharks. Many people may enter the Tank ready for rapid fire, and get so caught up in answering the Sharks’ questions, that they never get to communication their message clearly. Make sure you are clear in what your message is, and make a list of the 5 key bullet points the Sharks must learn about your business, then make a point to weave those points into your responses.”

On their favorite shark:

“I’d have to say our Favorite Shark was Robert, followed by Mr. Wonderful (a.k.a., Kevin) because they both gave us offers.”

On experiencing a bump in traffic since Shark Tank:

“It has been great – the attention we have been receiving from the public, customers, friends, business colleagues, and industry contacts has been overwhelming and extremely positive. Our website has definitely experienced a big bump in traffic and sales, and new retail and distribution opportunities are coming in every day. Press inquiries (such as this one to which we are responding!) are also in abundance. It’s so fun to get so much attention!”

On any tips or lessons from that experience:

“Our experience on Shark Tank has been quite an adventure, and completely unparalleled. I would say to any entrepreneur considering applying, do it! It’s an amazing opportunity to have the chance to pitch your business on national television in front of the Sharks.”

What did you think of the product? What do you think of the advice? Sound off below in the comments section.

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