7 Apps That Help You Double Your Learning Consumption| By |Steve Young

In this ever changing world of ours, knowledge is power. However, knowledge just like everything else consistently changes, which is why if we want to keep ourselves ‘in the know’, we have to arm ourselves with the necessary tools to enable us to learn as much as we can.

Here are seven apps that help you consume more educational content.

1. Audible


Most of us have a busy schedule and in as much as we’d like to read so that we can continue to learn, we don’t have the luxury of time. This is where Audible comes in.

Audible has converted books into audiobooks and its library contains classic titles like To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Anakarenina by Leo Tolstoy as well as new titles like The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins and Two By Two by Nicholas Sparks. This is a book worm’s dream come true, to be able to listen to a good book and be able to do other things!

2. Pocket


It’s important to keep up with current events and what is trending around the world. Pocket lets you save articles or videos so that you can come back to it on your free time, the best part is, you can read or watch anything you save even when you’re offline.

3. iSummary


iSummary is similar to Pocket, with extra features. Not only does it enable you to save articles and documents, it summarizes it for you with its artificial intelligence and natural language processing and presents it to you in a beautiful format.

4. Castro


If you’re a podcast enthusiast, then Castro is the app for you. It allows you to track podcasts that specifically appeal to you and then allows you to listen to an episode that you want. Use its Triage feature to scan a podcast episode and find out whether you want to add it to your queue or skip to another one you find more interesting.

5. TED


If you’re the type who prefer videos to reading, then TED is the app for you. You can browse through more than 2,000 of Ted Talks’ videos that touches on a myriad of different topics from Tech and Science to the ‘surprises of your own technology’ as it says on its app description.

Download it on iOS or Google Play.

6. Mondly


I don’t know about you, but learning a second language is very appealing to me, unfortunately, I can’t do that right now because of my busy schedule. This is where Mondly comes in.

It’s an app that teaches you to speak a new foreign language, whether it be French, Spanish, Italian or Japanese. It has 33 different foreign languages you can choose from. What’s awesome about this app is that it actually teaches you core words and phrases that are actually used in a conversation.

7. Khan Academy


What’s great about technology today is that there is perhaps an app out there that you can learn just about anything from. Take for example Khan Academy, it’s an app that allows you to learn anything from math to science to humanities like art history, civics and more, the best part — it’s all free!

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