5 Lesser-Known Technology Hacks to Increase Productivity| By |Yash Mehta

Technology surrounds us in every field of our existence and it seemingly has a cure for every tangled situation that we might come across in our day to day lives. Starting from the smartphones we use to the high- end, self-driving automobiles we drive around, everything surrounding us is designed as well as operated in such a way so as to boost our productivity many folds. Even though an entire series of smart devices and technological wonders have made their way into our professional scenarios, we have not yet been able to increase our productivity by any means, whatsoever!

Be it our short attention span, the usual distractions or any other factor, the truth is that we largely fall behind in the productivity department. Luckily, there are some very useful technology hacks which can once again rejuvenate us with the energy and will to become most productive we know. If you consider yourself to be one of the least active people who are always on the verge of procrastination, take a look at the 5 best technology hacks for increasing productivity.

5 less known technology hacks to increase productivity

· Sanebox for Email Processing

Email popups are probably one of the biggest distractions we have at workplace. For efficiently managing your emails, you can make use of Sanebox. This technological wonder makes it possible for you to regulate the amount of emails that you receive in your mailbox. Sanebox makes use of algorithms for determining the relevance as well as the usefulness of emails. Based on this research and calculation, it prioritizes and moves all the less relevant messages into a separate folder altogether. Not only this, it also summarizes these emails for your quick action afterward. Sanebox runs across all platforms including desktop computers and smartphones.

· Chrome Remote Desktop

Access your mailbox from any other computer and vice versa with the Chrome Remote Desktop. The next time you forget a file at work, access it using Remote Desk! It also enables you to share your screens with other remote users.

· Stay Focused with ‘StayFocusd’

If you find yourself wasting a lot of your valuable time across sites like Facebook and Instagram, then StayFocusd is one very useful technology hack that can help you save time. Using StayFocusd, you can set any particular amount of time for which you can browse these websites and in case you go overboard, it simply blocks them! It also allows you to block certain websites and content based on your preferences.

  • Increase space in ‘Write protected’ drives

How many times have you stumbled upon a pen drive or SD card that has automatically been bricked due to being ‘write protected’? While the manufacturers include this feature as a boon for the users, it often gets in way of proper functioning of the pen drive/ SD card as they can now only read the contents of their pen drive. So what can you do in case you encounter a write- protected error? Luckily, there are several technology hacks which can help you to format write-protected drive errors. One of the tried and tested hacks is to use the Registry Editor. Here, you will have to check the registry values of your PC and also see if the pendrive/ SD card has overwritten its value in the registry. In this case, the default value gets changed and the storage device in question gets bricked beyond any usage.

· Todoist for managing tasks

If you have the habit of preparing to-do lists, then Todoist is undoubtedly the most remarkable tool for getting all your tasks done well in time! Todoist is basically a Google Chrome extension and runs efficiently across all desktop and handheld device platforms. You can manage all tasks straight from your toolbar, while also saving different web pages as separate tasks. It comes with Gmail integration and allows you to pick up emails to add to the to-do list.

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