How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Mobile Basket| By |Katherine Frangos

mobile basket

As stated in our last post on m-commerce, conversion rates on mobile are still around 35%. The pressing question is, what happens to the other 65% users who abandoned their mobile basket, transaction, or brand overall? Consequently, retailers are missing out on a big chunk of change by way of lost sales. If only they had the resources to regain those lost leads to come back and load up their mobile basket and ultimately purchase.

Look no further. In this blog post, find out the top 3 tips that address some of the biggest challenges with your mobile basket.

Problem #1: Customers Don’t Pass the 1st Step

Solution: Provide an Omnichannel Approach. Reach Customers Cross-Device and Cross-Channel

Most of us are omnichannel shoppers by nature. The customer journey is fragmented due to the influx of new technologies, from mobile devices to the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). We are constantly jumping from one kind of device to another and accessing information virtually anywhere on Earth and at any given time.

However, the problem with e-commerce or online shopping via websites exclusively is that it limits the user from accessing your brand anywhere. Without a mobile presence, the user skips the most important step of all, researching! Thus, eventually, you lose out on your customers who are “on the go” with their mobile phones. Customers need reliability. They need to be able to connect to your brand 24/7. With a new economy that depends on mobile connected devices and applications, users need convenience. Some users are even looking for ways to connect to applications without data or wifi. Here are some reasons why you might say you’re not mobile-friendly.

Problem #2: Customers Change Their Mind Halfway

Solution: Nurture Your Mobile Community With Deep Linking to E-Commerce Site

This tip deserves its own blog post for an in-depth explanation. But for a recap on the topic, nurturing your users doesn’t necessarily have to start online. It can start on mobile, then drive customers to purchase online via deep linking capabilities.

Let’s say you already have a pretty good app. Your app is used mainly as a loyalty program. However, let’s say you lose those 60% of users who never fully convert via your app. Why not drive them to the e-commerce site as soon as they close the app?


e-commerce and mobile + deep linking = sale

Deep linking is the bridge between the app and the site. Deep linking is similar to a website URL. They’re used to index or hyperlink (per say) to different screens or content in the app OR a link to websites outside the app. Deep linking is a creative way to bridge the gap between different channels and devices.

Thus, why not create an in-app message about a pending item in the user’s mobile basket? Or if the user needs more nurture, send them a product video and deep link to your youtube channel? The creativity is limitless if you have the right capabilities and mobile assets to nurture offers to your mobile community.

Problem #3: Customers Abandon the Mobile Basket

Solution: Provide Seamless UX and Friendly Reminders from Start to Checkout

This is a matter of whether your brand has the basics in good user experience and design. Too many times have I browsed through an app, usually a retail one, and I couldn’t save items on a wish list, cart or basket. Perhaps there was a malfunction in the mobile basket design.

Secondly, if I did successfully save an item in my basket and then closed the app, I was never reminded of that item. Why not notify me about it or send a friendly reminder about that pending product?

mobile basket

If only I could be notified about my pending items…


Overall, looking for solutions to mobile basket problems isn’t easy especially if your technologies, expertise, and resources are limited. Aside from the tips listed above (Omnichannel, deep link and UX) we wrote an m-commerce brief. Check it out below.


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