Why OCR Is Considered as an Integral Feature of a DMS| By |Bhavna Singh

Any business, no matter whichever industry it belongs to, needs to be fast and efficient when it comes to delivering services to the customers. In the present age of cut throat competition, there are thousands of businesses that offer somewhat similar services. As a result, end users are left with countless choices to select from. This makes it crucial for every business to give their best shot, every time. Well, it’s true that businesses these days are taking a lot of initiatives. Using document management software instead of relying on manual processes is one of the most prominent trends of the recent time.

OCR Enabled DMS

While a document management software should have a lot of advanced features, optical character recognition or OCR is considered to be one of the most essential features. A document management system with OCR technology helps read the printed characters from any format and convert those into digital text. This enables the end users to edit or search for documents with ease. If you are planning to invest in a document management system and wondering why it should have features like OCR, here are some of the major benefits of OCR that you should keep a note of –

  • No need to retype – There are situations when we accidentally delete or lose an important digital file. If the digital copy of an important proposal or invoice suddenly gets misplaced, and if you have a hard copy of the same, you won’t need to retype the details all over again. Instead, you can simply scan the document and upload it in the digital filing system. This not only helps save lot of your time, but also allows you to keep the documents in a central repository, in an organized way.
  • Fast digital search – If the document managements system that you are planning to invest in, has features like OCR within it, you will be able to convert the scanned texts into a word processing file. This ensures you can search for any particular document using a specific phrase or the keywords that the document contains. For instance, if you need to find out a particular invoice from a heap of documents, you can do the same just in few moments. With an advanced software with OCR feature, you don’t need to worry about searching through heaps of files, wasting valuable hours from your daily schedule.
  • Easy edit – You may need to edit a single document time and again, while collaborating with the team members. With your document management software having features like OCR, you can easily edit the text within a word processing program. You can also scan all the items that you might need to update in future in order to increase the ease of editing.

These are the key benefits that you can avail if you invest in a document management system with OCR feature. It’s a useful tool that can be easily accessed. This feature helps improve the usability of a DMS. You can also scan incoming faxes, magazines and books and upload those in a DMS using OCR.

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