NASA’s Official Giphy, Pinterest Pages Are Out of This World| By |Erica Abbott



NASA is truly bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Out of this world.” The space agency is educating a whole new generation of explorers—through GIFs!

Last week, NASA opened an official Giphy account, in addition to a Pinterest account, in order to bring the worlds of space and social media together. In the press release, they explained that the GIFs “can be used to create or share animated GIFs to communicate a reaction, offer a visual explanation, or even create digital works of art.” Given Twitter’s partnership with Giphy, users can also find the perfect science-themed GIF in a matter of seconds.

There are nearly 500 options on Giphy, ranging from images of Earth and other planets, mysterious black holes, space travel, scientific diagrams, rocket launches, hilarious reactions and more. Many GIFs also include a link for further discoveries. On Pinterest, users can find boards about “Earth Right Now,” “Journey to Mars,” “Hubble Space Telescope” and “Dark Matter,” to name a few. In inspiring the imagination through social media, NASA hopes to educate others about the Universe and beyond.

Take a look at some of the best GIFs below:

An Aerial View of the Grand Canyon


A Black Hole


A Shimmering View of Earth


A Sun Arching Eruption


A Stunning Look at the Aurora Borealis


Astronauts Having Fun During A Moon Landing


What’s your favorite GIF on NASA’s social media channels? Sound off in the comments section below!

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