Which Companies Will Win in 2017?| By |Brent Pohlman

Winning in 2017As I see it, all companies will be positioning themselves as best as they can. I think the stage is set for companies to make it big in 2017.

Will marketing be the deciding factor?

I actually think communication will be the deciding factor. People are generally tired of being marketing to. It will be all bout the dialogue that is happening between companies and clients. Social media tried to achieve this a few years back, but it was unsuccessful because marketers took over the process and turned it into a platform for shouting a message. Now, people are getting smarter, and they are looking for a better experience. As I have stated before, “Social Media is a Dead Concept” It is time to move on.

What will winning look like?

I think we are starting to see a glimpse of what winning looks like with this recent election. Look at what our future president is doing by keeping his name in the news with his recent appointments. Look how others are looking at the possibilities for the future. In any case, companies will need to find a way to capture a following and become part of the conversation. Marketing will be focused on creating the message and discussion that resonates with our clients. Customers can get information faster by having a dialogue. Our communication is changing from google search words to natural conversations. Look at Siri.

Will markets change overnight?

I believe companies will need to be in a position to adapt and change on demand. Over the past year, we have tried to become more simple with our processes and message. We are still working at trying to get to a place where we can adapt and change faster. I believe this will be necessary. It is also for this reason that the rise of new and smaller companies can quickly enter markets and make a difference in a short period of time. The race is on.

Will this create intense competition?

The competition will be thick. It will look much different. Companies will be building on “the experience.” People are willing to pay for a good experience versus spending less. Also, the landscape has changed. New companies will try to break into the market quickly to show rapid growth and attract investors. Businesses that have been in business for a longer period of time will really have to work hard in this area to keep up.

Are there marketing opportunities in 2017?

Absolutely! There is something for everyone. It is a very exciting time to be in business. The companies that win will find ways to be in the conversation. I think there will be new, innovative ways of getting “the message” about our products and services out to people and most important, the conversation will be started. It is up to us as marketers to see that the conversation is an ongoing one.

An exciting time looking forward to all companies to compete in 2017.

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