Did You Live the Mobile Moments in 2016?| By |Polly Alluf

2016 has been an eventful year. It has also been the year when we began to hear more about “Mobile Moments”, those that capture app users’ attention, get them interested, and ultimately deliver extra value. For app owners, creating engaging mobile moments can have a major impact on ROI– engaged users spend more time in the app, come back more frequently, and ultimately have much higher LTV.

There were plenty of 2016 events that could translate to interesting mobile moments. We highlight some examples of how apps used current events to create exciting and timely in-app moments.


The release of PokémonGo was definitely a wow moment in 2016. Overnight, people all over the world started roaming the streets in search of virtual furry friends. Almost every marketer wrote (or at least read) a post that had to something with this hype, and mobile apps in various spaces piggybacked on people’s attention to the game. This is a classic example of powerful trend that emerges quickly — the ability to quickly respond to it is crucial.

In this example a retail app for kids clothing added a quick survey in the spirit of PokémonGo. If you’re able to do that in real time, at the peak of excitement, you’re bound to enjoy superior conversion.


Baby clothes promoted with a PokémonGo-themed fun quiz, which leads users to a specific clothing section

The Olympics

The olympic games are another great example of something that ignites global attention and excitement. Once again, what sets the winners from the losers in terms of mobile moment is their speed and agility to insert into their app appealing content that is related to the great competition moments.

For example, when Michael Phelps won his 22nd gold medal (breaking a 2,168 year-old record), apps had an opportunity to celebrate his win in a way that drives home their message. In this example, a social beer-drinking app invited users to join its club with a reference to Phelps’ historical win.


Quickly respond to real-life events and use it to promote your business

The US Elections

Against almost every poll prediction, Donald Trump became the next president of the United States of America. Unlike the above examples, the world knew that there are only two options for the “day after.” The right thing in such a scenario was to prepare you app for both outcomes, thus maximizing the contextual effect.

Relating to the election in your app is a good way of drawing attention and being helpful at the same time; that can also be true for holidays, Black Friday and Back to School. What’s special about the results is the fact that you didn’t know for sure what the moment will look like, but you were quick and able to respond to it.


Offering toy’s shopping therapy for the day after election


Embrace the moment

These kinds of moments happen all the time, and although unpredictable, they draw maximum attention. If your app is armed with the ability to design, set and publish temporary contextual content to appear in the app while the “thing” is going on, it is a huge advantage for your business.

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