Voice Artificial Intelligence In Your Home And Business| By |Cam Secore

Though it’s been around for a few years, voice artificial intelligence systems are slowly becoming a staple of the automated household. While there are still many holdouts, resistance to this technology is fading and more people are buying it to explore the possibilities. Not only do these systems understand your vocal commands, but they also respond and are starting to mimic human speech. Who knew that a talking computer could make things so much easier, but let’s see what these products can do and where the technology is heading.


Most of these products are “smart speakers.” This means that while they technically function as speakers (like Google Home and Amazon Echo, which both play music, but Siri is most associated with iPhone), they really do so much more. These voice AI products can help you control your whole home with just your voice, while also helping you get through your day quite easily. For example, let’s say that you want to hear the news. Just tell the system to talk about the morning headlines. It will browse the Internet, find the most relevant news stories, and start talking about them. What about the weather? No problem, Echo, Home and Siri can tell you the temperature and conditions.

This all sounds very easy. You can just turn on your phone and do the same thing, but just remember that you can do all this now without even involving your hands. Just speak a command and the system will respond. You can also do much higher level tasks. Want to turn on the sprinklers, raise or lower the temp or even lock your doors? That’s all very easy with these products. You’ll have to have Internet-based controls first on your home (no, you can’t just expect Siri or Alexa to run your home without a little setup), but after that it’s very simple.

In the simplest terms, voice AI is like speaking directly to your home. You can ask it to do tasks, to browse the Internet and basically to be your private assistant for nearly anything.

Where it’s Heading

The Internet age has brought many new and strange concepts to us. What once belonged solely to the realm of sci-fi is now a reality, and we are constantly gaining new ground in terms of our individual capabilities. We can carry powerful computers in our pockets, explore new worlds through VR and even control our homes with a few button presses. However, this has brought up a lot of new responsibility that we must juggle.

One of the most important reasons for voice AI, aside from just being an awesome novelty, is that it helps you quickly manage your day. It allows you to maximize all of the technology around you while using the minimal amount of effort.

Now, where is this technology heading? That’s hard to say as it’s still in infancy, but there are a few paths that it will likely take. First of all, as houses become more automated and technology more elaborate, these systems will likely remain the main interface that we will use to interact with our homes. Our homes will probably become like giant computers and the voice AI will function as the center of all the activity, which is the best way to handle this as we can speak commands instead of learning complicated coding or new programs.

Another major development will likely be enhancing the speech capability of these systems. While they can carry on minimal conversation, they have jumped leaps and bounds above similar technology from the past. It in the coming years, these systems may soon mimic real life and conversation, which will make them easier to understand and work with.


While voice artificial intelligence (or even chat AI) is definitely becoming a big part of the consumer sector, with more and more people seeing just how useful it is to control their homes and entertainment through voice, businesses are also seeing how to use these systems for their own gain. Believe it or not, similar technology has been in use for several years, and you’ll often encounter it when calling a big company.

In the past, you would get one of two responses when calling a company: either a live person would directly pick up the line, or a recording would monotonously go through the available options (press 1 for operator, press 2 for accounting, press 3 for benefits, etc). Now, many large companies have systems that talk to you and speak directly to you. They’ll ask for your information, interpret your responses and will help you get to the right department.

Not only can these systems fulfill the role of minor jobs, but they have also helped executives and managers perform more tasks at once to ensure that they get through their busy days with as little effort as possible. Instead of requiring assistants for minor tasks or spending minutes on every little thing, they can now delegate tasks through their voice to ensure that everything is done properly. This is similar to home users because both are looking to make their lives easier, it’s just that business users are finding a different way to use voice AI.


Though just a budding technology, voice AI is taking the world by storm and ensuring that you get through your day in one piece. Not only can you get more done and control your house with the sound of your voice, but this technology is bridging the wide gap between human and machine. Expect this to help us get closer while also giving everyone their own personal assistants for everyday needs and tasks.

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