‘Hairy Spider Monkey’ Appears on Mars In Fake Photo| By |Erica Abbott

UFO Sightings Daily

UFO Sightings Daily

Did the Mars Curiosity Rover spot a “hairy spider monkey” roaming the Red Planet? This report is false. No mischievous creatures have been photographed, though plenty of weird objects have appeared on the planet’s surface in previous years.

The fake claim originated on the UFO Sightings Daily blog, which purported a “hairy spider monkey” was keeping a close eye on the Mars rover. The article claims:

I found this four legged alien creature on Mars and it looks like a hairy spider monkey. The longer upper arms are holding it up as well as its shorter lower legs. If you add light to the face, you can easily make out two eyes. As you can see, this animal is watching the Mars rover.

The article also states that other signs of life were discovered, including houses, a human-like figure, a sculpture and faces—a long-standing Mars photo illusion. However, many of these photos, including the one of the strange four-legged creature, are simply weird rock formations.

Despite several news outlets reporting that an “alien hunter” had spotted a spider monkey on Mars, any reports on the alleged incident are fake. Ever since NASA began exploring the planet, conspiracy theories have circulated the internet, claiming that the government is hiding information about life on Mars. The UFO Sightings Daily article encourages the public to educate themselves on UFO technologies and alien intelligence so that “we no longer need to depend on our governments for knowledge.”

While the images are, in fact, real and were taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover, the contents of the photos are not. First of all, as Snopes points out, any creatures on Mars would require basic necessities to survive, such as energy from food. While life may have been sustainable on the Red Planet at some point, it is not currently and any reports of spider monkeys roaming around are false.

Social Media Shares Fake News About Spider Monkey on Mars






Have you seen any of the Mars images circulating the internet? What are your thoughts on them? Sound off in the comments section below!

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