Happy 10th Birthday iPhone – How It’s Revolutionized Your Life!| By |Brian Basilico

Happy Birthday to the iPhone. Today is 10 years since the first iPhone was announced and I remember it as clear as day. I also remember standing in line in June to get the first one. It was crazy, like you couldn’t get them, and it was just nuts. Actually, one of my pastors drove by a store and saw it and called me up and said, “Hey, the line isn’t real long. Go to The AT&T store in Oswego.” I thought, “Yeah, might as well.” I went there and I actually got one of the iPhones the first day. I’ve been in love ever since.

Now, whether you’re into Android, Google Play or whatever, you cannot deny that the iPhone changed the scope of the world in big, big ways. Think about what the data speeds were back in 2007? They weren’t super, super fast. I doubt anybody had 100 megabits of speed. You were lucky if you got five megabits of speed. 1.5 meg was the norm through DSL. Now you can get incredible speeds on your phones via LTE. It’s amazing how much faster data has gotten. You can get a gigabyte internet in your home. I mean, it’s just like, that’s insane!

Let’s look back a little bit. Social media was just at its very early stages. As a matter of fact, the first social media platform to launch was LinkedIn in 2003. I was one of the first 1,000 or so people to get on it. Facebook came out in 2004 and Twitter came out in 2006. Social media really didn’t explode, since most people didn’t even know what to do with it. I remember my kids talking about Facebook and asking, “What the heck is this?” Now, look how it’s changed the world.

The other thing that the iPhone has done is to create smart everything. We have smart TVs with apps and ways to look at things differently. We’ve got smart watches. We even have smart appliances, smart homes and smart cars. Artificial intelligence is everywhere. It’s amazing. The world has completely changed around us. You know what? We’ve gotten greedy and we want innovation on huge levels now. If something doesn’t make an incredible difference or a mind blowing something, then we start to say, “Okay, well it’s not cool anymore.” Right?

Again, this is not a commercial. It’s more of a how did we evolve to where we got to today? Let’s take a look at what the iPhone has taught us.

No Buttons

There are five things I want to touch on. The first one is that back in 2005 or 2006, if you said that you were going to create a phone with no buttons, most people would have looked at you like, “Dude,” or, “Dudette, you’re crazy”. All of the different flip phones and other kinds of phones really didn’t do a whole heck of a lot. I mean, yeah, you could text, but text even wasn’t that big back then. Then Apple came out with the first touchscreen phone. That phone gave flexibility beyond any other phone that was out there. If you wanted to add new features to it, it was really easy to do.


My second topic is apps. Apple created apps for the phone and then allowed other people to create apps for their phone. I remember getting a game called Super Monkey Ball, which was the big game to have, and it cost $10 at the time. I thought, “Wow, I’m playing a game on my phone. This is like a Game Boy.” There were other things about the phone that really started to grow as time went on. Apps have truly evolved into what makes all of these smartphones and smart devices so much more important. For example, software updates on your TV can give you new channels that you couldn’t get years ago. You can also update apps on your appliances and even your cars. It’s just amazing the way it’s changed the way that we think about our devices.

Camera and Video

The next thing is the camera and the video. Think about the way that you used to take pictures. I still have an SLR camera, but I use my iPhone and my iPad (which was another revolutionary device) so much more. Now, the iPhone and the iPad have kind of replaced the computer. I mean, there are many computers today that are really just tablets with keyboards. By having a camera and video, you can do things and edit right on them in ways that you could only imagine years ago, and it’s so much faster and better. Think about something like Facebook Live or YouTube, and about all the content that has been generated off of cellphones, and all of the pictures that are out there from family events. Think about the news that’s being streamed live across the world and being put up on Twitter. All of that is thanks to the smartphones having cameras and video capabilities, and these just keep getting better and better and better over time.

Mainstream Social Media

The next thing to think about is mainstream social media. When apps started getting on the phones, that’s when social media started to explode. Now you can tweet, you can text, you can do LinkedIn, you can do Facebook, you can do Facebook Live, you can do SnapChat, Instagram, all these other things, all based on your phone. That’s when social media started to explode. Now, some have come and some have gone. Things like Blab have come and gone, Periscope, who knows how much longer that’s going to last and who knows what the next thing is. You cannot deny that the smartphone has definitely boosted social media’s popularity and our access to it. What helped this along is the immediacy of what you see, the notifications, and so much more!

Voice Controlled Everything

Finally, the last thing I want to talk about is voice controlled everything. Siri was the first voice controlled activated device that actually could listen to you, get smarter, and do a whole bunch of different things like, dial phone numbers, send texts, open apps, predict the weather, whatever it is that you wanted. By talking to Siri, Siri would listen, process and then pull up either an app or the data that you wanted. Now, from this we have a whole host of new different devices that are out there. Think of Amazon. You’ve got the Echo and the Dot with Alexa, and then Google has come out with its brand new thing, and I don’t know what it’s called, I can’t remember, but you’ve got Google’s device. You’ve got all these different smart things, even smart remotes, and Apple TV has a voice controlled remote. If you have Comcast, then you have a voice controlled remote. Nothing before was able to take your voice and do things the way it can now.

With voice controlled everything, you can say to Alexa, “Order something at Amazon.” Or, “Change the lighting.” Now, all of this smart everything is integrated simply by talking to a device. Think about all the things that have changed over the course of the last 10 years and just start to imagine what’s coming. Think about voice controlled everything. Think about smarter, faster, better processors that are going to allow us to actually use our phones for even more capabilities. Think of the better cameras and the better lenses and the things that are happening inside of them to the point where you really don’t need a third device to take those images. Think about the editing capabilities and the synchronization possibilities. Think about how this has changed the way that we do business today.

Final Thoughts

I really hope you say happy birthday to the iPhone, but also think about how it innovated and disrupted the way that we used our normal everyday communications. Now sit back and think about what’s next.

I would really like to hear your thoughts and memories about how your life and business has changed over the last 10 years that the iPhone has been around… Comment away!

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