Need to Pitch your Services? 4 Apps you Should Know About| By |Deji Atoyebi

If you run a service business, you need to constantly pitch your services to private and corporate people. Cold-pitching is particularly useful when you’re starting out and need traction. But doing this consistently can be a real pain – for many reasons.

First, cold-pitching is time consuming – heck, searching for and compiling a list of prospective clients isn’t an easy task, neither is shooting hundreds of emails. Second, you may always receive relatively few replies, which can be really demoralizing.

Fortunately, these horrors can be subdued. Using the following apps, you can increase your productivity and make pitching less of a monotonous task.

1. Newton:

Hands down, Newton is a personal favorite due to its many features which make life a lot easier and interesting. Newton lets you:

  • Snooze emails — Newton’s Snooze feature automates the process of deleting or simply clearing irrelevant emails from your inbox and getting them back when needed. This reduces the possibility of missing important replies from prospects.
  • Read Receipts – Gives you instant notifications when a recipient opens and reads your email. It also displays the location of the recipient.
  • View Recipients’ Profiles — This comes in handy in getting relevant information about your recipient. It’s also useful when you need to guess a staff’s email address (when you’re aware of her name and her business’s email pattern but can’t find her actual email address). Hence it’s a proof of authenticity.
  • Connect Apps — You can connect your favorite productivity apps, such as Todoist, Asana and Evernote to Newton.
  • Schedule Emails – The ‘Send Later’ feature lets you schedule emails, which is a great choice when an email needs to get through to its recipient at a specific time.
  • Retract Emails — You can easily retract sent emails. This is a lifesaver for any errors you spot or accidental cc’ issues.

2. RocketBolt

RocketBolt is a Gmail plugin that supports modern versions of Google Chrome and Safari. Here are some of its functions:

  1. Email Tracking: RocketBolt is pretty top-notch when it comes to tracking emails. Besides alerting you of when and where your email was opened and read, it also reveals the specific action taken by a recipient, such as clicking a link. This reduces anxiety and is relevant when you need to plan out a follow-up strategy that works.
  • Showing Sender’s Social Profiles: Like Newton, Rocket Bolt shows some information about recipients, including links to their social media profiles.

3. (formerly Email Hunter) is a web app that eases the process of finding your potential clients’ email addresses. It’s largely free – providing 150 free email searches in a month- and requires only the domain name of a prospect’s website to unveil results.

As you probably know, one of the keys to getting replies from businesses is pitching the right people. For example, if you’re a freelance content writer, you’ll want to pitch the marketing manager or a staff whose role might involve hiring content writers. This necessity makes a go-to resource, for it reveals people’s name alongside their position in a company.

4. Boomerang

Following up is a great way to turbocharge your response rates, but it can be exhausting to keep an eye on emails that went unattended especially if you’re pitching lots of people. Fortunately, the process can be eased. Using Boomerang, you can choose whether or not to be reminded of an email if nobody replies within a specific time frame. Boomerang also has a ‘Send Later’ feature and is available on Android.


Pitching can be really boring, but you must learn to live with it if you run a service business. In this article, I listed four apps that I know much about and that can help you become more productive while pitching prospective clients. Happy pitching.

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