What Are the Laggards of App Development Technologies in 2016 and What’s New in 2017?| By |Ashfaq Ahmad

We see an increasing trend on proliferation of smartphones, over the last few years. Digital transformation of almost all the businesses are driven by the emergence of what we call the mobile apps. But, technology on mobile app development is getting developed at a fast rate. As per Gartner’s predictions in 2016, there will be more than 75% of enterprises will have adopted one or the other mobile app building platforms based on the various technological trends that are evolving at an extremely fast pace. The fact remains that the emerging technologies are coming out at such an extraordinary pace that staying ahead of your competition with one trend is by itself an extremely difficult task in hand.

With this intense competition in the market, we often see that some of these technologies become laggards and some more newer ones emerge as the latest trend. We will try to highlight some of these technological advancements that has fallen through in 2016 and some of which that will evolve as new trends in 2017.

Laggards of 2016

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helpful to design and create, but are no match for the intuitive thinking power of human brains. Experience can never bring any change with AI.

We talk in terms of AI gaining traction, as it promises an upward trend. But, whether whether there are lot many people who are capitalizing on this, remains as a serious doubt. So, even if Siri extensions can be programmed in iOS 10, we do not see enough number of people actually encashing on the opportunity.

Other than AI, web components polymer is another technological area that is not finding enough adoptions in the app development field. If the developer wishes to build reusable web widgets, then the technology that is used is that of web components. You can make the most of these web components with the polymers. This ensures in the delivery of the amazing user experiences, but very few adoptions as of now.

Dominating Trends on Mobile App Development in 2017

Mobile app building market has shifted towards a customer-centric market, where users want their tasks to be completed within a short span of time.

Here, are some of the latest trends on mobile app development in 2017:


The year of 2017, will see the rise in the number of hybrid apps. The cross-platform apps are easy, affordable and can be quickly deployed.


Chatbots are all about computer programs interacting with users which stimulates human conversation. The mobile app construction companies are directing all their efforts towards development of chatbots in various use cases. 2017 is a year which see the further development of chatbots and to be used in novel ways.

Growing Demand for Angular 2

Angular 2 is a framework for consolidated development. Angular 2 is a stable option for the app developers. It enables the developers to utilize one framework and use it for different applications. It provides the consistency that is needed for the mobile app development. We see that major companies like Tesla, Apple, Google and AT & T, which are embracing Angular 2 as a mobile app building platform.


Some of the top quality apps are developed with Javascript. There is no waning in the demand for Javascripts. In fact, the demand is growing, each and every year.


React is a smaller framework when compared with Angular 2. The developers have to combine community-built tools for building web applications as they choose React as the app developing tool. In order to have a complete control over architectural stack, the smaller companies often adopt React as the most suitable app developing tool. In fact, we see that React and React Native is extensively used for building some of the seamless apps for the consumers as well as the employees.

As of now, it is quite difficult to predict which of the mobile app development platforms will be the most successful ones, for creating smart and seamless mobile apps, for bringing a digital transformation in your business. The more hyped technologies like AI are yet to gain a wider acceptance in the developer community. At the end, the trends on mobile app development, are those which allows the developers to build the most efficient and effective of applications.

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