10 Productivity Tools to Grow Your Business Easily| By |Casey Imafidon

Growing your business can be a tough task if you do not have the right tools. Time and resources is not something we all have in abundance, especially when we are trying to grow a startup. Most times we have to downsize and go lean when we are trying to get our start up off the ground since you must have put in most of your money into product, research and development. Spending time and money on activities that bring little or nothing to the table is not advised during the early stage of growing your business. Undoubtedly in a digital age there are productivity tools that could help you grow your business easily. Here are 10 of them.


TMetric works as a time tracker for IT-professionals and companies. With one click you can track tasks from multiple project management systems with one click. You can also monitor, sort and create reports with your team online.


Even with Gmail you can manage your relationship with your customers. You don’t lose a thing with your connections with Streak.


I use Trello and it is one tool I will recommend to any business owner as you can use this tool to monitor the work being carried out by people in your organization. You can assign projects, check progress, do checklists and have everything done in one page.


This is a free and easy tool to keep up with your business partners. The app improves organization as the conversation flows easier when you are using UberConference for a conference call.


With Join.me you have a tool that provides unlimited audio and allows you to have great meetings with clients and employees.


You do need those files and documents. Even when your computer crashes or device gets lost, you can always access your documents on Dropbox. You can upload your files and select which member of your team you want to share them with.

Google Drive

Google has a lot of tools that can help you increase your productivity. But Google Drive may be its best tool yet for you to grow your business. You can create, store and share documents with employees and clients. Google Drive affords you the opportunity to be better collaborative with your team and colleagues.


GetResponse may not offer a free plan, but it does offer a free trial for those who want to improve their marketing. With GetResponse you can keep your customers up to speed on new developments and packages you have for them. This tool is easy to use and will improve your marketing reach.


You may not have the funds to get a top notch graphic artist but you can use Canva. This tool makes graphic design simple and even when you are not a professional you can still make great designs.


Yes you may be busy and not remember such details as following up on certain emails. However with Boomerang scheduling just got simpler as you can know when and what emails need to be sent later or replied to.

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