How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Can Boost Your Workplace Productivity in 5 Simple Ways| By |John Smith

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies are still in its infancy. Nonetheless, this concept has taken the world by storm. It can be seen on major news channels, talk shows and newspapers. It has become a fuss; there’s no doubt about it.

Most of the creative energy and thoughts put into virtual reality so far was limited to the realms of gaming and entertainment. Now those experiences are quite thrilling; isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to fight aliens on a VR headset?

VR videos are also extremely popular among the masses. The incorporation of simple 360 videos supported by Google cardboards has increased the level of popularity by a level or two.

The incorporation of virtual reality and augmented reality in workplaces can result in a significant increase in productivity. So how can these 2 technologies bring a revolution in your workplace? Take a look.


You’ve got to agree that if there’s one thing that piles up in every modern office, it’s a whole lot of information. Sticky notes, books, papers, files; now that’s a problem.

Even the person who seems to be most organized person in your office is bound to get overwhelmed at some point. That’s because of the huge amount of data s/he has to deal with each day.

What if you could be Tony Stark and swipe your data around with the simple flick of your fingers?

Although that technology isn’t quite here yet, but the principles behind such maneuvers are already in existence. Such things are technically feasible these days if done through VR.

All we need is the right app that would help us do those avant-garde things in our workplace just like the fabled Iron Man.


Collaboration’s the primary buzzword in the corporate world. It’s a notion that people working together are more productive. Technology aids us to collaborate effectively with one another. By curbing geographical barriers, we have undoubtedly taken this collaboration to the heights of excellence.

Virtual reality can take this collaboration a level further. You have to admit one thing that no matter how advanced video conferencing has become, there’s at least something missing when you look at your coworker’s face on your computer screen.

Virtual reality is capable of giving you the ability to gesture and move around freely in a virtual environment and collaborate easily with one another. Such collaborative virtual environments are deemed the next best thing in corporate interactions and perfectly suitable in this geographically dispersed corporate world.

Fantastical recesses

Yeah, this might sound a little too avant-garde to be true but with proper implementation of VR, this becomes very much possible.

Long drab office hours without decent breaks are quite unhealthy to the mind. Hence, occasional breaks are needed to freshen up the mind and increase productivity.

Many workplaces invest much in these refreshments that includes the likes of a cafeteria or a gymnasium etc. But what if you can spend those 30 precious minutes on a sunny beach and come back to your office in a jiffy? With virtual reality, it becomes possible.

Virtual reality can create a virtual environment resembling anything from a sunny beach to a snowy mountain. And it can also eliminate the issue of geography. So is there something not to like? Guess not!

Improves focus and privacy

You can not only spend your time on a virtual beach but can also work in that environment. The beauty of working in a virtual workplace is that your surrounding hazards have zero impact on your work. For example: you have no danger of water damage while working on a virtual sea beach.

VR can also give you occasional privacy and peace of mind in workplaces. Collaboration’s always necessary in work environments to carry out jobs effectively but sometimes it becomes a problem especially when your cubicle neighbor chats away on not-so-ideal times. VR can give you the privacy to work in such circumstances easily, conveniently and effectively.

Effective task management

In office environment, augmented reality can be a real game changer. One of the most effective uses of AR that comes to mind is effective task management.

Augmented reality helps to integrate physical objects with that of the digital world and vice versa. Through AR, you will potentially be able to handle physical similar to the way you handle your digital ones such as emails, digital files and folders etc.

Such a technology can definitely bring organization and task management under effective control.

Augmented and virtual realities are basically the future of businesses. Although these technologies are still in its infancy but their potentials can never be ignored specially with the progress made in these avant-garde fields of science. With that, we’ll ring this article to an end for now. Hope you had a good read.

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