Game of Thrones: A Tale of Unauthorized Access| By |Samantha Hunter

Picture if you will, this analogy. Season 7 of Game of Thrones – A Tale of Unauthorized Access, is about to hit your TV screens on July 17.

Imagine Game of Thrones is the world (your enterprise). Divided into four lands (your office locations). And all the while, somewhere over the red hills, are people fighting to seize your most-treasured gold and silver (via unauthorized access). It can happen to anyone. At any time.

Essentially, you have the keys to your kingdom. And it’s your job to protect it. But it’s such a struggle, trying to keep your land secure. Beyond the wall of your empire, lies the murky depths of clawing hacker hands. They’ll use all kinds of underhanded tactics – such as all the ‘wares’, malware, spyware, ransomware – to gain access to your fertile region, to claim it for their own dubious acts.

In order to protect your castle from the formidable clutches of cyber-criminals and their sophisticated, targeted attacks, you’ll need to think hard about password management and privileged credentials. Only raise the drawbridge over your moat and grant access to specific individuals, to specific assets, in specific locations, at specific times.

Keep a watchful eye over the mountains, for through the treacherous valleys, plains, and forests there will be many phishing scams on the horizon. Blink or let your guard down for just a moment, and you could be in the midst of an accidental betrayer. Worse, there could be a cyber-warlock who lays siege on your throne and steals the identities of your faithful clan.

A New Age of Remote Access

Welcome to a new age of remote access. A far from medieval tool (like VPNs) that is purpose-built to ensure your stronghold remains steadfast and that you stay seated firmly on your throne. A tool that can protect those accessing your terrain by providing credential storage to eradicate potential liabilities. A tool that integrates within your current CRM environment and offers native access to any TCP-based service. Surely, a mysterious tool offering such a wealth of flexible access controls hails from some unknown land.

Well, in fact, many moons ago, (actually, 14 years) in the time of giants and other magical creatures, a team of challengers gave birth to this secure platform. A sworn brotherhood was created and they named the great hero solution SecureLink Enterprise.

While others waged wars outside the walls of enterprises, this hero vowed to keep them safe. The remote access software protected the empires of many, near and far. It slayed cyber-attacking, fire-breathing dragons and established permissions for attended and unattended enterprise access. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) ruled above all others to ensure accountability and compliance through high-definition auditing and reporting. It’s a tool you’ve probably had a prophetic dream about.

Winter is coming. With cyber-thieves more frequently trying to invade kings’ castles, this remote access hero stands tall to conquer all unauthorized access attempts.

To assume kingship over your enterprise, ditch high-maintenance VPNs, and see off an army of attackers, secure your remote access today.

Be the hero in your land. Request a demo from my company, SecureLink.

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