“The best deals on 4K TVs” by Cameron Faulkner

A photo of the LG C2 OLED TV displaying a screensaver of the Earth.
We’ve got deals on all sorts of TVs, ranging from affordable (yet feature-packed) models to high-end OLED and Mini LEDs that can really wow you. | Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

The future looks bright for those who are looking to nab a great TV in 2023 at a substantial discount. Although a fresh slate of new models was announced at CES 2023, it might be a while until many of them arrive — and even longer before they receive a discount. However, you don’t have to wait until later this year to land a great deal on a mid- or high-end TV from Sony, LG, TCL, or Samsung, as many models of the flagship models from last year are currently selling for hundreds of dollars less than their original list price.

Right now, there are a number of discounted 4K TVs to choose from, spanning a wide variety of prices, size configurations, and feature sets. Whether you want a secondary TV for the bedroom or a high-end OLED that’s built for a cinema-like experience, we’ve picked out the best TV deals across three common categories.


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The best 4k TV deals

The best 4K TV deals for most people

TCL 6-Series

The TCL 6-Series R646 model has a Mini LED QLED panel, with HDR10 Plus support and 4K gaming at 120Hz via HDMI 2.1, as well as hands-free Google Assistant voice commands and the Google TV interface that offers all major streaming apps. It’s a good option if you are looking to balance price and performance, and the 55-inch model is currently on sale at Best Buy and Amazon for (pending availability at your local Best Buy) Read our TCL 6-Series Google TV review.


LG’s UP7300PUC isn’t blessed with a memorable name, but the 75-inch 4K LED TV offers a lot of bang for your buck. We haven’t personally tested this model, but its features and size are impressive for $599.99, its current price at Best Buy. It has two HDMI inputs (one of which is eARC), an optical audio port, and an ethernet port. It comes with LG’s webOS software built-in, too, which grants you access to all of the major streaming apps, plus many others. It’s easy to find other 60Hz smart 4K TVs on sale, but its other impressive aspects — namely its size and price — aren’t so common.

Sony X80J

Sony’s 55-inch X80J TV, like the others above, has Google TV software built-in, so you won’t need to purchase any additional streaming boxes, like an Apple TV or a Chromecast. The LED panel also supports HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision HDR and has four HDMI ports (one of which is HDMI ARC). It’s a relatively low-frills affair, but it seems like a good deal that’s currently available at Walmart, where you can buy the 55-inch model for $598 instead of $799.99.

The 65-inch X75K with the Google TV interface is also on sale at Best Buy for $579.99 ($120 off) and offers very few differences, as far as I can tell. It features three HDMI ports instead of four, but if you want a bigger TV for your money, it could be a good choice.

The best 4K TV deals for those on a budget

TCL 4-Series (Google TV model)

Like its predecessor, TCL’s latest 4-Series remains one of the more affordable options on the market. The 2022 model swaps the built-in Roku interface found on the prior model for the Google TV platform, however, and thus offers built-in support for Google Assistant (via the included remote) and more personalized content recommendations. At the same time, the LED TV continues to support HDR10, all the major streaming apps, and a standard 60Hz refresh rate.

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED

Amazon’s latest iteration of the Fire TV Omni launched in late 2022, and we’re already seeing sizable discounts. It debuted at $799.99, but the 65-inch model is currently selling for $549.99 at Best Buy. We haven’t tested the new QLED model yet, but it seems to build on the last-gen model with a better design. It supports Dolby Vision IQ for HDR — allowing it to adjust itself depending on the amount of ambient light — along with the same hands-free Alexa perks offered by the previous model and local dimming for more realistic lighting in scenes. My colleague Chris Welch has all the major details in his announcement post.

The best deals on 4K TVs for the PS5 and Xbox Series X

Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X can play 4K games with HDR at up to 120 frames per second. So, naturally, if you don’t have a TV that takes full advantage of your console, it might be time to upgrade to one of the models below. Note that, for the best experience, you’ll want a TV that supports HDMI 2.1.


If you’re looking for an impressive TV, we recommend turning your attention to LG’s 2022 C2 model. The 4K TVs touts support for Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync variable refresh rate tech, along with a 120Hz refresh rate and low input lag. It also boasts a settings pane dubbed “Game Optimizer,” which conveniently brings together a host of game-centric settings — refresh rate, latency, etc. — for quicker access.

Additionally, we recommend the last-gen C1 model, if you can still find it at an especially great discount. But the price is coming down for the C2, which we like because it weighs less and is available in a 42-inch variant (that costs about . The C2 also offers a few additional features over the C1, like a brighter “Evo” panel, the ability to log into different user profiles, and a new “dark room” setting that’s designed to reduce eyestrain. See what our reviewer Chris Welch has to say (spoiler: lots of good things).

The 48-inch LG C2 costs around $949.99 at Best Buy and B&H Photo, while the 55-inch costs $1,299.99 ($300 off) at Best Buy.

If you’re in need of another OLED option,. It has HDMI 2.1 ports with 4K/120Hz support and a brilliant display, but we feel more comfortable recommending LG’s model unless you really want to save a bit of money. Vizio’s debut OLED launched with several software issues, though many of them seem to have been resolved.


OLED prices aren’t for everyone. If you want something that’ll still look amazing, LG’s QNED Mini LED lineup offers many of the same perks for less. The Mini LED backlighting allows for better contrast, more brightness, dynamic HDR, and improved color accuracy over LG’s previous LCD TVs. Crucially for gamers, they also have HDMI 2.1 ports with 120Hz support at 4K resolution.

The 65-inch model, which has webOS for built-in streaming apps, is currently discounted to $999.99 at Best Buy. This is $700 off its original price, which is quite the discount. However, if you have the space and budget for going even bigger, the 75-inch version is $1,499.99 ($1,000 off) at Best Buy.

source https://www.theverge.com/22371561/best-4k-tv-deals-sale-lg-samsung-sony-tcl


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