“Where to preorder the Asus ROG Ally” by Antonio G. Di Benedetto

The Asus ROG Ally PC gaming handheld in white standing upright on a wood desk and showing a Windows homescreen.
A handheld window to Windows gaming. | Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

The Asus ROG Ally is the first mainstream competition for the Steam Deck, and while its Windows operating system may be both a blessing and a curse, it’s exciting to see the handheld PC gaming arena slowly grow. If you’re looking to get an Ally of your own, warts and all, preorders are now open at Best Buy for the higher-end model with an AMD Z1 Extreme processor costing $699.99 and due out on June 13th.

As for the base model with a standard AMD Z1, that’s not expected until the third quarter of 2023 — though it will also be sold at Best Buy, which for now, is the exclusive Ally retailer. (I guess that makes Best Buy an Ally ally?)

Our own Sean Hollister had mixed praise for the ROG Ally, as it’s a powerful device whose biggest fault is being too powerful for its meager battery. The Ally has some definite advantages over the Steam Deck, with a more powerful processor, higher refresh screen, and much quieter operation. It also runs Windows, making it a full-fledged PC you can buy for $700 and occasionally use as a desktop computer with a mouse, keyboard, and external monitor if you choose. If you think you’re willing to work with some short battery life and buggy behavior — and you want something more powerful than a Steam Deck with native support for Xbox Game Pass (personally, the thing I most sorely miss when I play my own Steam Deck) — you can take a chance on the ROG Ally.

Though, maybe if we wait, the early bugs may get ironed out a little, and we’ll even one day see some deals and discounts to make the ROG Ally more appealing. Remember, even the Steam Deck got a 10 percent discount once — it just, you know, took a whole year.

source https://www.theverge.com/23719750/asus-rog-ally-preorder-buy-price-how-to

“Pixel 8 Pro renders reveal redesigned camera and a flat display” by Jay Peters

Renders of the Pixel 8 Pro.
Image: OnLeaks and Smartprix

Google’s upcoming Pixel 8 Pro may have a redesigned camera bar and a flat display, according to new renders of the unannounced device from OnLeaks and Smartprix.

The most noticeable change to the camera bar is that all three cameras will be visible in one big oval cutout instead of being partially separated like they are on the Pixel 7 Pro. Per the renders, the 8 Pro’s camera bar will also have a mysterious new sensor under the flash. Smartprix speculates that the sensor could be a macro or depth sensor but says that its “specific function remains unknown.”

Renders of the Pixel 8 Pro.
Image: OnLeaks and Smartprix
If you look closely, you can see a second oval for what’s presumably the wide and ultrawide.

As for the Pixel 8 Pro’s screen, it appears it will be flat — the Pixel 7 Pro’s screen was slightly curved on the sides — and Smartprix reports it will be a 6.52-inch display with a hole-punch selfie camera. It also seems that the 8 Pro’s corners will be more rounded than the 7 Pro’s, which I personally think looks nice.

You can see more images in Smartprix’s article. OnLeaks and Smartprix also put together a short video of the renders, which you can see below.

Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. But we may not have to wait too much longer to learn if these renders represent the real deal. Google teased the design of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro at Google I/O 2022, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that the company reveals the Pixel 8 Pro (and, presumably, the standard Pixel 8) at I/O 2023 on May 10th.

The Pixel 8 lineup may not be the only phones we see at the show. Somebody already got their hands on the currently unannounced Pixel 7A, and since Google officially revealed the Pixel 6A at I/O 2022, perhaps we’ll see the 7A at I/O 2023, too. And the Google Fold is reportedly launching sometime in June, which makes a May reveal at I/O seem possible, too.

source https://www.theverge.com/2023/3/14/23639807/google-pixel-8-pro-leak-rumor-render